Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A list: "I think..." second son is HUGE! I thought he would be generally a little smaller than Jer, since he was over a pound less than him when born. But he is catching up fast! first son is HUGE! He is going to be 4 in 21 days. How did this happen? He looks like a schoolkid and says things like "sure, Mom" and has chores. Good thing he still lets me kiss his not-so-chubby cheeks. is really sad that summer is almost over. I mean, we still have about 1/3 of it to go, but we're really all thinking it's almost over, right? I hate that. I read on another blog that August is like a maid, that comes and starts sweeping the dusty summer floors, and wiping down coffee tables, and straightening up closets in preparation for fall.

...Fall is great. It used to be my favorite season, and still is a close runner-up, but I think that was before I was ingratiated into the working world. Fall is wicked busy when you're a teacher. Not that I'm complaining, just that summer is definitely superior to me in so many ways now. Even though it's hot. Which reminds me...

...that people who complain about the hot weather in summertime need to check their brains at the door, because we get about 2 months of good summer weather every year, and how many months of winter?! How often is it cold here?! too often, I say. Enjoy the blistering heat - have a margarita and stay inside in your precious air conditioning, but don't try to take my joy away at it actually being a hot summer day in New England. Natural heat is good! Wear those tank tops, flip flops, and cut off jeans, go jump in the still-freezing atlantic ocean, and stop complaining!

...that I get a little over-sensitive sometimes. Sorry.

...that my projects around the house are finally starting to get done, because Isaac is finally starting to take longer naps while Jeremiah is at preschool!

...that instead of doing projects around the house, I should be cleaning the said house. Oh well. We don't have people over that much anyway. Plus... mom and dad are coming soon! Which means that she will clean for me! (I appreciate her for way more than this, but this is a big one. My mom rocks.)

...I need to find a new voice teacher. I know of a couple, but need to do some research and make some calls.

...I need to start going into my classroom to get it ready. Oh summer, where hast thou gone?


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