Sunday, September 18, 2011

color me crazy, but...

I have been thinking more and more about the following things:

- getting rid of our microwave. Or at least not using it anymore. The radiation or electrical waves or whatever is going on in there makes me nervous...and I'm not too keen on my food being "nuked". Even though I like warm food.

- grinding our own grains. There are many appliances that make this a snap, and I am thinking about this one that would attach to my KitchenAid. I have researched that it is way healthier and tastes amazing.

- using all-natural cleaners. I'm already starting to in a lot of ways, but it might be tough for me to give up my Clorox wipes. But I believe in vinegar and lemon juice and all that "green" stuff. I just haven't incorporated it fully yet.

- going the "no 'poo" route...if you haven't heard of this, it sounds a little nuts at first (and maybe just plain is nuts?...) I'm am definitely not 100% on board with this yet, but I feel like it's something I'd be willing to We'll see. The problem is, I like the smell of shampoo too much!

- getting rid of my cell phone. This one is probably not practical, but I really don't want one anymore (I'm not really a phone person), plus we have a land line. Again, the wireless waves make me nervous. You've all heard of people's left buttcheeks aching because they carry their cell in the left back pocket too much? Yeah. Scares me a bit, not gonna lie. Along with that, no wireless computer? Again, not likely because not practical. But, I think that's one reason why we have so much cancer and autism and lots of other things going on right now...our very air in the environment has changed because of all the technology. Anyway. Might have to post more on that later.

- cloth diapering...actually have sort-of already started. I've been trying the gdiapers from Babies-R-Us and am liking them well enough for me...but I know Jon is not into diapering this way. I am looking into bumgenius diapers, which get really good reviews. Maybe even cloth wipes? They make flannel cloth wipes that you just throw the diaper and wipes into this bag and wash as directed...intruiges me.

(I'm getting kinda earthy crunchy, huh?) :)

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sarah marie said...

I guess I am a crazy person...

1) we lived microwave-less for two years at our last house and we only have one now because it came with our new place... I am fundamentally opposed to it although I do use it occasionally. :)

2) I've done 'no poo' at various times, sometimes for over a year at a time. right now I use burt's bees shampoo but I've been thinking I should get back to not using it sometime soon.

3) I will totally cloth diaper when/if that time comes for us... no question!

4) and I like all your other ideas too!