Sunday, October 30, 2011

I've never ever...

in response to Pioneer Woman's list:

1. Broken a bone

2. Eaten pineapple upside down cake.

3. Painted my toenails purple.

4. Been swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

5. Toured London.

6. Watched "The Office"

7. Bungee jumped.

8. Given a name to a girl.

9. Been a maid or matron of honor.

10. Flown in a plane with fewer than 100 seats.

11. Taught middle school.

12. Read Crime and Punishment.

13. Gone skydiving. Or snowmobiling. Or skeetshooting.

14. Played a pants role in an opera.

15. Mowed a lawn.

16. Eaten a bug. At least on purpose. (while running or biking doesn't count, because unfortunately I've done my share of that...and it's just not pretty when it happens.)

17. Painted a landscape.

18. Been to Italy.

19. Sung a song in Russian.

20. Woven a rug. (but I plan to!)

21. drunk Cognac. (drank? drunken? drinken?...drinkalinken?)

22. Been the lead in a musical or opera. I am, I fear, a forever sidekick.

(but at least I am in a show soon! Yay!)

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