Thursday, October 20, 2011

why communism doesn't work

"God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there.

There is no such thing."

~ C. S. Lewis

Sometimes I look around at the world I am living in, and am driven back by the amount of pain, the mountain of suffering, the sting of resentment. Other times, I am angered by others' lack of humility, passion without reason, and self-serving actions. And then, I fight intimidation by those who have acquired some sort of status, those who have "lived life" and "known victory and defeat." And many of the people who I meet and interact with on a daily basis, the ones who are broken, blind, and frantic...are the ones most in need of the God who lives in me.

I used to choke on that terminology...Jesus in me. How could I possibly have the God of all things living in me? But it's true, whether I fight accepting it or not.

"To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory." Colossians 1:27

It is a mystery. It is a profound, glorious, wonderful, head-scratching mystery. The Lord has deigned to send his Spirit to live in me as His chosen child of grace. I die so that He may live in me.

I have found that others who are broken tend to be in my life. I don't always know what to say, but I love that they feel comfortable around me. Well, as comfortable as they could feel at any given moment, I guess. Right now, I have a coworker who is a big part of my school-life who is about as low as life in the middle class can get. Her health is failing, her husband lost his job a year ago, they are out of savings and retirement money, they are about to lose their house, and their marriage is falling apart because of his pride and her resentment.

What do you say to such a person? Everytime the least little thing goes wrong, she gets all ho-hum and figures God must be punishing her for something. Sometimes I will lead into a bit about my beliefs of God's love and grace and how I believe He doesn't necessarily bring things like this into people's life...and she listens. I don't say much, because I'm not always the most confident with my words and someone like her takes words from a processor like me as gospel truth, when instead, I am really just thinking out loud. And I want to be more careful with articulating my faith with those who are questioning than just thinking out loud. I want to have an answer.

But I often don't. I am trying to trust God to give words where I have none, to give right responses, even if they might not seem appropriate at the time. He knows their heart and their mindset. I don't. My job is to love, keep my eyes on Christ, and let Christ live through me that she might see Him more.

So often, I am afraid of rejection from others when I talk about my relationship with God. I always feel like those who aren't Christians hate talking about God. They automatically have a defensive stare and a couple pointed questions and so much hurt behind it all that it seems to be inviting argument to mention His name. Why is it in our "tolerant" society, that Jesus still causes so much controversy? It amazes me how violent people are in their accusations against God. It shows me how much people are hurting, how much the devils lies are succeeding, and how deep of a need there is for God's grace and love in our lives. There is truly no peace for those who don't know Him. He longs to welcome them, but they turn away. Without God, there is nothing happy.

On a side note, our pastor mentioned that this is why communism has never really worked. The One person who can make it all come together, give people the motivation and love to stay and work together and sacrifice for each not welcome. How can we be a community of people working together for a common good without God? It can't happen. There is too much that gives the Devil a foothold.

As Christians, can we trust that we all have this God in us? Can we begin to trust each other so that these dark days won't seem so dark when we are together? Can we truly be a light to those who are bumbling around with their darkened hearts in this increasingly frightening world? By God's grace, I hope so. I need you all more than ever. I need help with raising my kids, trusting my husband and friends, loving my coworkers and those who are in authority over me. I am desperate for comraderie that reeks of peace and love and laughter. I need a haven...and the only One who can provide it lives in us. Let's seek Him together. Individual devotion times are wonderful. But let's also strengthen each other by trusting this God who gives us peace and joy beyond measure and understanding. He gave us Himself. Let's give to others.

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