Friday, December 02, 2011

it's not every day...

that you get a chance to see what kind of a difference you make to your students.

Today, which, oddly, was a day (was that too many commas? I think it might be) when I have been doubting my abilities as a competent music teacher for a whole variety of reasons, I receive this email to my public school account:

"Hi Mrs. ______,

Thank you very much for making music class so enjoyable. Francesca and Christopher both talk a lot about music and all of the fun and interesting things that you do. We often play the "beat" game at home. (I think that's what you call it.)

Francesca just this morning said how you are always smiling. And Christopher told me that you are the one adult adult at the school who he trusts to confide in, if something were to happen to him. (I hope that wasn't supposed to be confidential.) When my extremely perceptive, shy son feels that way about an adult, it tells me a lot about the person.

Thank you for your kind interactions. Your style is very significant to my sensitive children.

Thank you,

S. W."

These kids are both super shy, it's pulling teeth to get them to smile sometimes. I am so glad that I can be a bright spot in their day and hopefully create memories of music being a freeing experience.

It's nice to get encouragement when you least expect it. :)

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