Monday, February 27, 2012


Oh, Whitney. Such an amazing voice. She was my vocal idol growing up. I can't even believe how her life turned out. There might never be an equal to her vocal prowess when she was at her prime - and yes, I say that as a classically trained singer who is well aware that she was BELT city...but still. Such a terrible shame. I used this as a chance for a talk with all my 4th graders about the dangers of was an interesting talk. Hopefully they get it.

These are my favorite songs of hers:

Most amazing rendition of "Star Spangled Banner" ever. The arranger decided to put it in 4 (instead of how Key wrote it in 3) in order to give her more time for "expression." Whatever, but I love it.

And, of course - her signature song. Who doesn't love to belt this one out in the shower?

I also used to sing this next one with some regularity as a 3 year old (there are many family witnesses to prove it - one of whom pointed out to my mother that she shouldn't be letting me sing such provocative words...) My dad was a huge Whitney fan.

This is also one that I sing with alarming passion whenever it comes on the radio and I'm by myself in the car (or with the kids, because, hey, they have no choice in the matter and are too young to be embarrassed by me...yet). I've always thought that anyone could blackmail me easily if they would just put a secret camera in the car to watch my ridiculousless while I drive and sing. Hopefully it won't happen, especially now that I've given everyone the idea.

( the hair. the '80s were so weird, weren't they?)

One more...this one brings back memories of my gynastics show when I was about 6 or 7...we marched out to this and I was so distracted and wanting to sing that I forgot all about the fact that we were about to be tumbling and rolling and swinging and balancing our brains out soon.

P.S. - Oh, and anything from "The Preacher's Wife" soundtrack...that lady was born to sing gospel - and grew up doing so. I wish she had many amazing renditions of beautiful songs would we have! I especially like this one:

Hope you all had a great monday. Enjoy the music!

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