Thursday, March 01, 2012

Never Stop Learning

This article about opera singer Angela Meade is great.  She's a singer who has rather quickly grown from an unknown to a relied upon artist with such companies as the Met.  Her interview is full of some great advice, my favorite being:

"Dream big, work hard, be over-prepared, be vulnerable, take risks, and never stop learning."

My big reminder is to be over-prepared.  So often I do just enough to not be disappointing to whoever is on the other end of the job I'm doing.  I'm just not a matter how I try to be sometimes, I am not.  I have very high standards on many things, but I am not a perfectionist.  Sometimes that manifests itself in me being okay with my best being 80%.

What I love is the "be vulnerable, take risks" combo.  How hard is that?  Yet that is so much of life, if anything is going to be worth it.  Especially in singing. 

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