Saturday, March 17, 2012

Voice Lesson: March 17

Things I want to remember from today (warning: some of this might not make sense to non - classical singing folk, but then again, maybe it will)

- I have gone from singing on the breath 40% of the time to 85% of the time.  While a large improvement, don't forget about the ends of phrases and coloratura being sung through and connected

- don't press the voice, let it be there

- keep everything from E to E in the middle, don't over-open 

- most of my issues are with putting things too far back.  When in doubt, try more forward resonance, especially with "ooo" and "oh" vowels

- when doing coloratura and come to the high point, keep the jaw open down through the rest of the run.  Takes less air and makes the voice sound consistent

- Don't micromanage every note.  Let the air do the work

- I stink at French.  Must work harder on nasal vowels and understanding where there are schwa vowels and how to properly say them.  

- Keep direction in every phrase.  Work on precise phrasing according to composer guidelines - build my own song, not copying another artist's interpretation

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