Sunday, April 08, 2012

here we go...!

I feel like my life is about to catapult into fast forward...I am simulateously excited and terrified at how things might turn out.

That might actually be an accurate combination of emotions for most things I tackle in life. Someone once told me they we surprised I was so nervous because I never seemed it. That could not be farther from the truth...I get nervous about practically everything, I've just learned what really matters to get nervous about and try to give the rest up to God's grace. For example, I still get nervous to go over to my good friends' houses and visit...what are we going to talk about for more than 1/2 hour? What if there is a pause in the conversation? What if I say something stupid and irritating in that pause because I assume they think I'm boring? Why do I always make it all about me? Have I asked them enough about them? Etc, etc, etc. So dumb, but it's what my emotions and brain fight against. And those are my good friends. :)

So...on to more about me. :)

Anyway...starting this wednesday night, I will be going to rehearsals for G_____- W______ Opera's Carmen 3 nights a week. It's approximately an hour("-ish?") trip from my house to get there. This will be sooooooo fun and good and challenging and exciting, but soooooo not good for our finances and gas money and hoping Isaac doesn't lose his mind when I am not there when he decides to wake up for his first of five times he gets up every night I'm not there.

Yes, Isaac is still getting up a lot.

I blame a recent hospital trip that threw everything off in his little world of trusting people.

And maybe the fact that I'm a bit of a softie with him...don't know why, but I can't let him cry like I did for Jeremiah. Feels like everything I do with him for nighttime is not the right thing unless I just go in and nurse/comfort him at night. I don't know how to break the cycle!

He'p me! He'p me!

(I've had this weird southern voice saying that in my head for a few days....makes me laugh. Hopefully makes you laugh too. Go ahead, try it! It's funny.)

Anyway...where was I? oh yes, rehearsals 3 times a week for my opera ROLE (woohoo!!).

Then, those Carmen shows go on first part of June and my online portion of my MMed begins for the summer.

Then I finish out my teaching school year.

Then I begin my on campus portion of my MMed in July. That goes until first part of August, 5 days a week, all day.

Then we will probably travel to Oklahoma to visit my folks and brother and all the rest of the family for a few weeks.

Then I begin teaching for the 2012-2013 school year.

That's my life. I feel the need to break out a pocketbook planner. And in fact I have. I am so afraid that I am going to be....well, me...and forget something important. We shall strive not to.

It helps to talk to myself in plural. As if my multiple personalities will help me be more organized.

Wouldn't that be nice? To have a personality part of you that did all the organizing? Does that even make sense?

We say not.

Thanks for listening. Here we go!!!

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