Monday, April 23, 2012

thankful on coming back

Today was my first day back teaching from April vacation. In the past, this doesn't always make for a very thankful day, but today was pretty good. The day before vacation we had our biggest concert of the school year, involving all grades. I decided to make today an evaluation day, combined with starting some new units. This usually makes for a bit more relaxing day, and the kids seemed to enjoy the easing back into our routine.

61. students who can differentiate between accurate and inaccurate pitch

62. rain for the thirsty earth

63. a baby who sleeps through the night

64. a 4-year-old who crawls into our bed anytime between 2 and 6 every morning.

65. a new salmon recipe that is YUMmy!

66. colleagues who trust me with their rants

67. kindergarteners who groan about leaving my classroom

68. a store within reach for natural foods

69. green smoothies!

70. local honey and eggs from friends!

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