Wednesday, May 02, 2012

favorite love songs

There are just some songs that make me go all mushy whenever I hear them, even if it's totally not the time to be mushy.

You know what I mean, right?

Here they are, in random order, because I love them so much, I can't decide which one I like best.

"Comfortable" - John Mayer (guy angst gets me. Very girly girl of me. :)

"First Time Ever I Saw your Face" - Ewan MacColl, sung by Bryn Terfel (this is Roberta Flack, who made it famous in the 1970s, but I think a man singing it is much more romantic...sorry to be a girly girl on this one...the Bryn Terfel version is not on youtube)

"Nearness of You" - Carmichael/Washington, arr. by Norah Jones (this was my hubby and mine's last dance for our wedding, and I sing it to him all the time in a Macy Gray-ish voice...he loves it. Well, maybe he doesn't love it, but I think he does at least find it endearing...)

"Blame it on my Youth" - Levant/Heyman, sung by Jane Monheit (many people do this song really well, but the vulnerability in this girl's voice...I've loved listening to her for a long time, and this is one of her best, in my opinion. And I love the piano and muted trumpet, too.)

"Faithfully" - Journey (I always hear Jon in my head, saying, "yes!..." and turning up the radio, then we both hope that they don't play the version where the awesome guitar solo is cut.)

"I'll be Seeing You" - Fain/Kahal, arr. by New York Voices (this acapella rendition is just...epic. I have no idea how the soprano does what she does, but I'm so glad she can. The harmonies are tight and lush and gorgeous. And this video is live...and it's literally just as good as the cd version I play about once a month.)

"L'heure Exquise" - Reynaldo Hahn, sung by Susan Graham (Learned this is idea why my teacher assigned it to me, as it was SO hard. It still is. gorgeous. Just listen.)

"A Case of You" - Jane Monheit (again, this girl.  I think I own almost every album, and I don't buy albums anymore.  But...I need her music.  I know Joni Mitchell has the most popular rendition - and is the original artist, but I first heard Jane, and love it...again, the simplicity of the guitar and voice is...stunning. This song breaks my heart.  Maybe it should be in a heart-break category along with "Comfortable"...)

"My love's like a Red, Red Rose" James Mulholland (first sang this at a district festival, and as a sophomore, couldn't believe that classical choral music could convey such depth of emotion.  I had never experienced such emotion while singing chorally.  It was thrilling, and I still think it is a beautiful arrangement of this poem.)

"Longer Than" by Dan Fogelberg (this is my parents' wedding song...just beautiful. I always think of my dad putting his hand on my mom's knee in the car when it came on. For a long time, I didn't know it was their song when I was little, just that it made me feel so wonderful that they loved each other so much.)

I'm not closing this list off...there is always potential for more amazing mush out there.  What are some of your favorite love songs?


Ab said...

I too lovelovelove "I'll be seeing you"... I heard it once on a World War II documentary talking about all the young women who lost their young men in the war... so now that song is always kind of haunting to me, and this is such a beautiful version. Makes me cry!

I always turn to Cole Porter for a great love song... "Night and Day" and "Easy to Love" are my favorites... sexy!! (haha)

Ab said...

Oh and also... the voice teacher that we shared also assigned me "L'heure exquise"... as a sophomore in college. What's up with that?!?!?