Thursday, June 21, 2012


my naked one year old is playing peekaboo with me from behind the kitchen chairs

my four year old is watching Blue's Clues again because it is just too hot to be outside

my house is in a sort-of clean state...and gets dirty quickly

I am avoiding, though not intentionally, my grad school work. It's just too hard with the kids during the day

I am avoiding, intentionally, my Hot Mikado score (will talk about this later)

i have finished the potato salad in the fridge...pretty much all I've eaten all day

i am contemplating road tripping the store with the kiddos to get some ice cream because I'm cheap and don't want to go to a cute ice cream stand for $4 a cone and I spent $9 to go the beach yesterday when we stayed for all of 45 minutes because my four year old got splashed and it ruined his life and now I'm over budget and can't pay our chiropractor bill for the month

and now for some pictures:

Aren't you glad you read this today? :)


Ab said...

Sorry we didn't make it to the beach with you! I wanted to but got skittish about taking little C. We were outside for all of 15 minutes yesterday and she was wilting before my eyes. Just not used to this kind of heat I guess. Glad we got to see you the other day... I am thinking about you with all of your activities!! I know you can do it!! You're awesome!!

SingingTeacher said...

Thanks, Ab! It's ok re:the beach...Isaac took a long morning nap that day anyway, so we didn't get there until noon...and it was hot, so I don't blame you for not wanting to take C out. Another day, a cooler day? Soon!