Thursday, June 07, 2012

A new voice...

I am figuring out more about singing than I have ever before.

It is mostly due to (ok, probably all due to) my new voice teacher. She, in her own little way, has made singing and breathing and resonance and musicality so easy-to-understand, and simultaneously made me more confident that I actually, really and truly AM a mezzo, and not just a weird sort of soprano that sang too many tenor songs as a child with my Motown obsessed father which resulted in an oddly strong lower register.

The weirdest part to get used to is that it doesn't feel like anything. I've been hearing for years how this is supposed to be the case, but couldn't let go enough to really feel like everything was completely free. Over the years, my higher registers began to feel that way, and recent years have learned to comfortably navigate my chest voice, but the all-important middle voice (where, ironically, much of the mezzo rep sits) was quite a mystery to me...and I felt was keeping me from truly understanding how to sing.

Since working with my new teacher, she has explained how to really sing on the breath, which is something I did not realize that I had not been fully doing (insert slightly embarrassed grimace here). Anyway, the last two lessons I've had have been so wonderful and's amazing how relaxed and happy and free in voice I feel after an hour of singing many crazy coloratura rep...usually I would be happy, but tired. Now, it simply feels refreshing.

The nice thing is, that I have been able to implement what I'm learning in these Carman rehearsals..and, as soon as I did, I started receiving quite a few complements on my singing. It's weird to not be able to hear myself as much, since I'm not keeping my voice to myself, but it's great realizing that I am singing more correctly.

Hopefully this post made sense...trying to explain that I feel like I'm putting forth less effort and singing better feels weird to me...but I think that's what it's supposed to be.

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