Thursday, June 28, 2012

a vacation post.

I am in the middle of a week of nothing.

Nothing, as in - I am not preparing for anything this weekend, there are no performances, there is no schedule of rehearsals or teaching or anything.


Things are still happening...but it is amazing what the effect of knowing that if you don't get your stuff done that you want to get done - no one will be upset.  I don't realize how hard that drives me until it is not there.  As it is, this week:

- we moved Isaac into Jeremiah's it is now a shared two-boy room.  It is working out so far! (Isaac was excited until he realized that he had to fall asleep, not play)

- I have caught up (mostly) on my grad work. Yes, I am in the middle of my online portion of my grad work...on-campus work starts next week.  Hot Mikado nearly did me in, but there was grace, and I took it!

- I have begun painting a hutch in our kitchen area.  It is a beautiful, handmade hutch from the owner of the house about 3 families ago...and it is going from a natural-ish stain to black with a little bit of stencil bling.  I'm about halfway finished...maybe I'll post pics later.

- I am WEEDING like I've never.  weeded.  before.  And it sure is easy to see that in this place, I have never. weeded. before.  It's altogether humiliating and incredibly satisfying at the same time.  When I feel debilitated by analyzing sonata form for my Analytical Techniques class...I go out and pull a few dozen weeds and discover a rock wall that I didn't know was there.  That's progress.  That makes me feel accomplished.  (don't judge me too harshly...I did have a baby during weeding season last year.)

- we are going to playgrounds and beaches and playing outside and eating ice cream and doing all sorts of summery things and we love it.  Tomorrow is beach evening with daddy, and we bring homemade pizza to the beach after Jon is done with work and splash in the waves and get sandy and happy and cap it all off with ice cream afterward.  Two tired boys then will go to sleep in one room.

I love summer.  I love when I have time to enjoy "nothing." I love realizing how silly I am with all these pressures and deadlines and facades and impressions.  Right now, I am just me.  No one to impress or cajole or soften.  I think that's one thing that makes vacations so freeing. 

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