Friday, September 21, 2012

train of thought...

i am sick.

but then i put vinegar on my nose and ears and felt much better.

I read that on some website.

I've been reading a lot of natural type things on websites lately.

man, people are pretty opinionated and vocal about it when it comes to...almost everything?

maybe it's easier on the internet...some sense of anonymity because you can't see people's faces and change your mind to please them or argue with them or be disappointed because of their expression...

the internet is the introvert's security blanket while still interacting with the world.

never mind. that sounded stupid. :)

did you know vinegar is naturally antibacterial?

true story.

i know some high school students who say that about 12 dozen times a day.

true story.

are they assuming i think they're exaggerating? or untruthful? or hypocritical?

just because they assert the truth according to them, does that make it the truth?

do i have to believe it?

how many people actually do this in their lives?

some would argue that i do this in my belief of Christ as God and belief of the Bible as authentic truth and my belief of God as real and living.

but i KNOW whom I have believed.

Nothing I read or have seen compares with the work He has done in my soul.

everyone should listen to Eric Whitacre's "Hope Faith Life Love" because in it is the most extraordinary expression of those words and more, including "soul."

makes me miss my choir.

did i mention i quit my choir?

true story.

sad story.

but needed to happen as now is just not the time for me to off doing things that take me away from my family.

that was the last 6 months and it got a bit old towards the end.

also, Jon needs some time to pursue his purpose and be the one who is gone chasing dreams and i stay home and be the constant.

He has been a wonderful constant for me and our kiddos over the last years.

he is taking Greek and it is HARD.

which reminds me.

i said i would help him make flashcards of these greek words that I don't understand.

problem is, neither does he.


just kidding.

not really.

but that's what the flashcards are for!

can I get an amen?

it's all greek to me.

(you know you were thinking it too)

ok, bye now. :)

thanks for reading.

unless you didn't, then thanks for nothing.

k, bye for real. :)

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jennifer said...

this made me laugh.