Friday, October 26, 2012

put on a happy face...

Today I had the most epic fall I've had in a while.

Those of you who have been around long enough to have not fallen in a pretty much is embarrassing, humiliating,and OH SO PAINFUL.

I wasn't expecting it at all.  I was getting my voice student a glass of water, had turned to get my coffee mug in the other hand, then go up the three stairs into the kitchen...

and then I have no idea.  I just knew I felt the most blinding pain in my lower half and liquid was everywhere and my sweet little voice student was running around saying things like, "oh no!  I've got a towel! are you alright?  oh no!"

I can usually tough out little falls and things when people are around me, it is rare when I cry over an injury...

I would've cried if she hadn't been there.  I contemplated not getting up, but thought that would scare her.

So, instead, I got up and desperately tried not to limp and led her into the music room all while chattering like a silly ninny who hadn't just broken her kneecap just to make her feel like things were ok.

I think I have a problem with pleasing people. 

My knee and shin and feet hurt, as the day goes on, I'm considering taking something for the pain.  I'm pretty sure it's just bruises, but my knee is complaining something awful.

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty stupid when I fall...and then I got thinking - even when I was a kid I felt stupid, so maybe that never goes just recover faster as a child. 

I feel like when I try to walk tomorrow, I might consider not.

I wish this was a funny story...anyone have any funny stories of falling out there? 


Ab said...

Oh Jen I'm sorry! I don't have any funny falling stories, but I sure do have some embarrassing ones, so you're not alone! Like the time just a few weeks ago when I walked into the car door and had a huge gash on my forehead and it looked like I had been beaten. Or the time (I'll never forget it) in 7th grade when I tripped up the steps at an awards assembly in front of the whole school. Yeah, that one is pretty burned into the memory. I guess I can laugh about it now!!

Hope your knee feels better soon...

Simply Hope and Grace said...

Oh, the number of times I have fallen - there isn't enough time to mention them all; the worst was when I fell twice within 5 minutes of each other, during the same indoor soccer game (about 5 years ago)- I was all alone on the field - no one pushed me and I wasn't even kicking or going after the ball - I just fell.

This one time... At work, I walked straight into a cubical wall in front of everyone - that was a little strange.

And I am sad to admit in high school; I saw a guy with crutches fall down the stairs - (why he was using the stairs I don't know) - but I laughed out loud before offering to help him. (Shame...) He threw a book at me.