Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thanks list

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

For a thought-provoking Thanksgiving post (that won't be this one...ahem) read this.


This year has been so full, so here goes my list of "thankfuls":

*note: not a comprehensive list...just a list. :)

a warm house

no mortgage

gobs of gluten-free info on the web

grace for a sweet as sugar older boy who struggles to understand the world around him

flashes in the eyes of my younger child

Toy Story 2

a Daddy for my boys

good clean humor

Jeremiah's wonderful amazing kindergarten teacher

support from my school

stretching experiences in teaching

a Masters degree 2/3 done

A chance to perform solo

a wonderful group of singers to help choral music live

a barter system childcare solution

understanding whole food cooking

The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin

coconut oil

parents to stock our pantry, rejoice in our joys and help through our troubles

an amazing church family

new friends who see me

old friends whom I have learned to trust

graceful imparting of wisdom from God

a scattered brain helping me let go

an easygoing eater in my older child

a husband who is willing to eat pretty much anything (even liver and onions!)

stir fry with peanut sauce

Jeremiah learning to play

observing a brother relationship up close

grace for a headstrong little boy of laughter

Jon starting full time seminary (a long time goal!)

a scholarship!

lots of couches in which to build forts

a reading boy


My brother coming into his own


grace for this flawed girl

composers who have talent in abundance to bring home understanding of God's loving sacrifice and redemption at Christmas

better understanding of colleagues at work

a light in Jon's eyes

a fresh interpretation of the Old Testament

challenging 3rd grade students

always having what we need

sometimes having what we want, too!

local honey from wonderful friends

a very very patient husband

soft, warm baby feet to hold during nighttime wakings

a toddler baby who suddenly settles when I sing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (he calls it "why oh why" as in the line "If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh, why can't I?")

Snuggles with my older boy as we read the same book for 4 months in a row for bedtime

The Jesus StoryBook Bible

Permission to decorate

love of an all-powerful, all-knowing Savior


Hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving!

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