Monday, November 12, 2012

The Voice.

Ok. So you knew at some point, on a blog about singing, I would probably comment on the new(-ish) show, The Voice. In my opinion, a much better singing competition show than Idol. And my golly...can these people sing.

I like that, whereas Idol was anybody and everybody singing, and so you felt that the obligatory awful person was thrown in there about every 5th time until the last few shows, Voice has real artists who are a bit established and looking for their first big break. So, regardless of whether you like them or not, they can usually sing. And sing well.

The entire reason I am even taking the time to write on this little blog about such a cultural fad as Voice is because of Trevin Hunte. If you have not been watching the show, then you at least need to click on the links below and listen. to. this. man. sing.

Please, I beg you. You won't regret the few minutes you spend listening. I get goosebumps every time I hear him even start, and by the end, I kid you not - I am choked up with how powerfully he conveys the music. He is up there with Whitney and Mariah.

No judging my musical tastes, please. comments about me being overly emotional and chronically tired. While this state might affect me to the point of crying at commercials, this boy is truly phenomenal.

Take a listen.

I laugh every time at Blake yelling at Adam, "What is wrong with you?!" Seriously...I theorize the only reason he didn't push his button for Trevin is because he knew there was nothing he could offer him.

Here's one that's called a knockout round...both singers sing the same song as a duet and the coach chooses which one did a better job.  As you will hear, this was a crazy pairing in which the singers, Trevin and Amanda spurred each other on and on.

Both singers ended up staying, neither was eliminated. Good call, Voice.

And one more, just because he is incredible. This is another knockout round, but the singers sing two separate songs, one right after the other. Trevin begins about halfway through the video.

Who knew a Phil Collins song could sound like that? What a surprise at 2:39! and the end...can you imagine how overwhelmed and blessed he must be feeling?

This boy just turned 18. According to his story from the show, he has had not an easy life. I hope he wins, because the other singers do not even come CLOSE.

not that I'm voting or anything. Just if America has ears at all...Trevin is the Voice.

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