Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas albums, days 1-7

Christmas music.

I think I like these types of songs better than almost any other type of songs.

The anticipation...
The joy!
The silliness.
The awe.
The memories the songs evoke.

No other time of the year is quite like it.

Here are some of my favorite albums (will be added to each week):

1. Michael W. Smith's Christmastime

Every year (and it seems to get a little bit earlier each time) my husband will suddenly put this cd on while we're all driving somewhere, and...there it is!  It's Christmastime!  No other cd gets us in the mood quite like this one.  It is beautifully orchestrated, awe-inspiring, and has a good dose of Christmas silliness in there too.

2. Harry Connick, Jr., When my heart finds Christmas

This is one that keeps popping up on my pandora, and I would listen to it for the "(must've been ol') Santa Claus" - so fun!  This cd is full of New Orleans big band style, and just makes me so happy every time any of the songs come on.

3. Whitney Houston, The Preacher's Wife soundtrack

This is not technically a Christmas album per se...but the movie is set at Christmas time and many of the songs are christmas songs.  Primarily gospel, with a bit of Houston pop thrown in there...I think it's fabulous sing-your-heart-out kind of music.  Her "Joy to the World" is phenomenal.

4. Michael Buble, Christmas

Another one that I don't actually own, but am trying to create a Pandora station exclusively of his songs...this guy has great style with classic songs.  I love his "I'll be home for Christmas"'s these little vocal stylings he does so effortlessly that are subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) wonderful.  In my humble opinion, he really is a Sinatra of our time.

5. The Carpenters, Christmas Portrait

I grew up listening to this every year, when my dad would throw the tape in our cassette deck while we decorated the tree.  Before I knew anything about vocal technique at all, I knew this lady had something different and special.  Her rich sound was like none other I had heard, and I spent much of the Christmas season trying to imitate her sound.  I hear this album and feel like I am in my parents' living room and unwrapping all our old ornaments again.

6. Vince Guaraldi trio, A Charlie Brown Christmas

What needs to be said?  I feel like I just saw a bunch of you out there nod your head in approval.  This is quintessentially Christmas.  Everyone can hear this jazzy, light-hearted  music and think of the special scenes from this show that they love.  It is just fabulous.

7. Straight No Chaser, Christmas Cheers

I have loved this group for years, and they have a great Christmas album.  Spectacular, original harmonic structure under traditional carols and christmas songs, clear vocals, a lot of whimsy and flair - this album is so fun.  You won't be able to help but sing along and smile real big.  :)

Another 7 next week!  What are some of your favorite Christmas albums?


Catherine said...

I haven't heard most of these yet. I'll check them out! Harry does love some Karin Carpenter... :)

lauren said...

King's College Choir, Cambridge, O Come All Ye Faithful. I love it. It's all the classics and it's all in that marvelous English choral tradition. Ahhh....

Ab said...

Is "Merry Christmas Darling" on the Carpenters' Christmas Album? Because that is secretly my favorite song... ever.

SingingTeacher said...

Yes, Ab, that is on the Carpenters' album. I love all their cheesy wonderful songs. (by the way, your secret is not so secret anymore!) :)