Wednesday, February 06, 2013


We wake most mornings to a frantic, somewhat unendearing "ma-maaaaaaaaaa!" every morning.

Yet stumble into his room to a pair of eyes twinkling above his crib edge as he dares us to wake up and greet the day.

He is love and need wrapped up in one compact little person. He is demanding and open. He is all emotion and learning grace.

(Yes, that's a black eye. No, it was not our fault.  He decided to dance with a coffee table.)

 I see him constantly asking for more from those he loves with his entire being: his Mama, his Dada, his 'Miah.

"Pwease?" he says so sweetly - be it for yet again more food, or another dump truck story, or playing in the fort for the 5th hour today.

Dada is most definitely the favorite.  And his truck.

The joy of each moment is so easily read in his face. He is happiest when we are all home together, and will often just stop to tell one of us all of our names and then grin wildly and bury his head in our shoulders.

He loves trains, cars, trucks, and buses, and FOOD - especially chicken soup and granola with yogurt.

He asks for "jesus" every night for our bedtime song. I pray He will seek Him and for God to capture his heart.

He is continually a source of surprise that challenges my easily formed stereotype of who he is and reminds me to extend grace and open hands to all people in my life.

gotta have the bathtub picture.  Tastefully cropped, of course. :)

He does not sleep well, instead seeming to sense when someone new is here to visit, or when anything at all needs to be done without his knowledge...this is the time to wake up and need a snuggle.

He is a boys' boy with the best of them, with the most beautiful lovey spirit whose eyes check with mama before embarking on his next hair-brained adventure with his cohort older brother.

Isaac, you are indeed "laughter." You are quite an adventure, and we all love having you part of our lives.

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Ab said...

Love it! What a handsome little boy!