Saturday, February 09, 2013


I think I am feeling better about "Una Voce..." I have been practicing for the last few weeks, working specifically on what my voice teacher hammered away at the last few times I saw her (in APRIL! ugh...but, funds are desperately needed elsewhere)...

"...sing ON the BREATH, now..."(duh...but apparently easy for me to forget, as in, sadly not subconscious yet)

"watch your posture!"

"keep it even and open all the way down..."

This makes this aria (which we worked on pretty hard, actually) SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Never mind that I was never singing the coloratura the way I was supposed to ("too much breath escaping and tension, my dear!")...while I was worried that maybe my whole singing identity had been wrong - she just helped hone it to a new level. I am by no means what I consider 'great' at it yet (especially with staging and candenzas)...but I feel much better about the fact that I am performing it at a pretty great concert at the end of May/beginning of June.

I saw the "set list" for this concert, and oh my. I am very excited to hear some of these singers sing some of these pieces. If you are in the area, forget what I said earlier about not coming to see me. Come to see/hear me sing and hear these other amazing people. It will be recorded as well, as it is the company's 10th anniversary special event concert, so you could order a copy!

I still have some work to do, but I don't feel quite so frightened now. :)

(by the way...I've been singing this aria since 10 years ago. You'd think I could do this with my eyes closed by now. Alas, my voice has gone through so many changes, it feels like a new approach each time. And, for those of you who sing, if you've had something in your voice before, you know how hard it is to fight the habits you used to have with it. I'm just grateful it's feeling natural again, because before meeting my new (-ish) teacher...I was questioning everything I had ever known about singing coloratura, which had kinda been my wheelhouse through college. Anyway...aside over. :) Why didn't I just make this a real paragraph instead of putting it in parentheses, you might be asking yourself - I know you English major people at least are mocking my lack of writing skills...well, I don't know. But I'm going to make it as awkwardly long as possible, just so you cringe a bit more.)

I believe I've posted this before, but why would I not remind us:

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