Monday, February 18, 2013

the blahs

It's hard in February to not get blah. It's just so...blah out there. My husband and kids love the snow, but I need sunshine. Lately I've been trying to get the kids and I outside, even if just for a half hour at a time to play in the snow/puddles/mud and get fresh air and sunshine, or at least some cloud-covered natural light. I need the light so much and tend to get a bit morose and overtired a little too easily; a bit despairing over the tiniest task that needs to be done; a bit not filled with the joy that a life with Christ can reflect.

I know I'm not alone in this, but that doesn't necessarily help me feel's just hard to see anything other than my grey-tinted world I've created. Also, I tend to project how others feel and what they think of me in completely negative ways, so I always end up a disappointment or a nitwit. It's hard for me to remember what is truth without feelings backing it up.

I've been praying a lot, and it's really good, and God is really good, whether I feel like He is or not. I've also been sleeping a lot, which is strangely not helping me feel more energetic, but more slothful...making me feel more depressed that I might as well be cleaning or doing something useful if I'm going to be tired anyway.

Ugh. Anyone have tips on beating the winter blues? I find myself standing near windows of streaming sunshine, eating healthy, praying and giving up my moods to the Creator of them. Need to be working out, maybe that can happen soon, because that helps me tremendously. I've been putting lavender essential oil on my scarves (supposed to battle fatigue?)...your tips?


Becky C. said...

Yeah, totally feel you on this one!

I have a D deficiency that my doc found a few years back after I had TJ. I take a bunch of vitamin D and it does help, though I get sleepy in the afternoon. I have to have the sunshine, too! So blah here with the weather recently and that really doesn't help things.

The D has helped more than anything, and also taking my showers at night. I find the hot water in the morning makes me want to crawl back into bed.

Kids just make us weary in general, especially in the winter since it's harder to get. them. out. and. RUN!!! My kids need to run. Constantly.

I am counting down the days till spring. I heard a bird outside this morning and got so stinkin' excited. It was pretty pathetic.

Hope you're well : )

SingingTeacher said...

thanks! I've actually been giving my kids vitamin D in the form of cod liver oil most every day, but I can forget to take it myself. I know last time I had blood work done I was that might be a key element. We went sledding today, and that helped too! Must. Get. Out. Side! :)

catherine said...

I feel like a horrible person to give advice when I battle this so much myself (or maybe that makes me the perfect person to give advice?!).

Writing helps me a lot. In my journal, usually, although blogging has been really fun and is helping me process things too. Also, talking. When I talk to someone about stuff (even if it isn't the FEELING of blahs but something else) I usually feel better.

Reading great nonfiction helps me too. Ann Patchett's Truth and Beauty is one of my favorites. Ruth Reichl is fun because she writes about her life and writing and food.

The sun is out this morning, so I hope you have a good one! :)