Wednesday, March 20, 2013


He is very much in what a good family friend calls "the frivolous fives."

This laughing child who has an intense love of finding your buttons and pushing ever just too much until you are likely to feel like you want to scream and then you look at his face...and just laugh instead at his look of anticipated joy at your frustration.

(He has found a new target in his little brother...who generously rises to each needled challenge with a pleasing screech that makes Jeremiah grin all the more...until a parent reminds him of good manners. Isaac is not a fan.)

He loves food, my goodness...growing again.

He will be ten feet tall by ten years old.

whoa...please excuse the blurry and focus on the tall.  Thanks.

He is reading at a first grade level. He is playing a preschool level...but it's getting better. God is good.

He loves being outside and this weather is making us all stir crazy!! His favorite is throwing ice chunks to watch them scatter on the driveway. He's a fan of sledding too. Thank goodness he doesn't mind pulling his sled back up the hill...unlike a certain little brother.

He doesn't whine, doesn't bother being picky about food (most of the time), and cuddles whenever we can sit for a moment. He is grace and easygoing-ness itself.

He loves his screen time, his books, his neighbors, his family. He loves to jump and bounce. He loves "the Final Countdown" more than I can describe here.

He sings arioso-like about everything, and it all slightly resembles '80's arena rock. (ahem...Jon...)

He asks most every night about Jesus living inside our hearts, what does that mean, is it with our blood, I wish he didn't have to die, I don't think I sin, and so on and so forth. Such good questions from a curious, sensitive heart. The Jesus Storybook Bible is a blessing beyond measure.

He is a reminder of all I want to be for our family.

Dear, sweet, crazy Jeremiah, we love you so.