Monday, April 29, 2013

Should I update us?

It's been a while, my dear readers.

If, indeed, there are any of you still out there who have been waiting for a post. I don't blame you if you've relegated me to the bottom of your blog lists. :)

But I have some updates!

- rehearsals have started for my concerts on May 31 and June 2... And it is SO good to be singing again. "Una Voce" is sounding decent...although my stamina has gone way down, which brings me to the second update...

- it's a little harder to sing than usual because we found out that another little one is coming in October!! That's 3, people. We will be officially outnumbered. A little scary...yes. But what a wonderful blessing.  That's, I'm guessing, one of the reasons why I was so blah in February, remember that?  (How could you not, as it was only a few posts ago...ugh, I should be posting more, sorry!)  Although I'm not willing to let New England's painstakingly long winters off the hook for my moods...

- randomly made the best meal in a while the other night....chicken and dumplings. Isaac loved everything but the chicken, Jeremiah loved the dumplings, so I say a hit in general. My, was I happy. Doesn't take much to make me happy these days...just a good meal, no nausea for a few hours and sunshine, thank you very much.

Trust me, much more appetizing and yum-inducing than it seems here.
- Easter was great: good worship, family meal, egg hunt, handsome boys

I didn't get a picture of our whole family.  Fail.  But aren't they handsome?

 - and lastly...we are SO happy it is warmer outside.  Much time is being spent just running, playing in sandpiles, traveling to playgrounds, and eating snacks at our picnic table.  The best toy lately has been the tires Jon brings home from work.

quite possibly, the best picture I've seen of Jeremiah in a while.
he actually likes being in there.  Works for us. :)