Thursday, May 30, 2013

Recording...if it works?

So, I'm doing something way risky for me today on this little ol' blog: posting a recording of myself.

For anyone who has never heard me sing, this is what I sound like. Not the greatest recording ever, but decent.

(you will hear my coach talking to me at the's just a run through)

Decent in recording quality, but also in my singing technique, in my humble opinion.  I've had a few breakthroughs in the last year or so, which just make my singing feel more consistent than it has been so far in my life.

The "not great" part is, unfortunately, the end.  The final big high note at the end is....Blech.  (and even a couple of the same high note earlier in the piece.  It's a high B.)

And the reason I am still posting this recording, is because I think the deficient high notes are largely due to this pregnancy.  I have NEVER ever had a problem reaching this note, or even feeling any sort of tension or anxiety with a high B, or even the C above it...and since being pregnant, this part of the aria is giving me the MOST trouble. 

It makes me quite anxious for the 10th anniversary concert tomorrow night and sunday afternoon! 

I have been trying everything I know how to make this note feel better...but it just sits in a different space right now and I can't support it enough and I can't open enough and it just is what it is.  Everything else feels great...just not the end.  Which is an unfortunate way to end an aria, don't you think?  :)

Ironically, instead of bemoaning it and obsessing and becoming morosely insecure as I usually do, I am trying to focus on what I can do well at the moment, which is the rest of the aria and the acting.  I really do believe the high notes will come back...but probably not until after this little girl is born.  Not only is she apparently taking my beauty, she's taking my high notes, too!

This is going to be a great show.  Many, many amazing singers will be performing.  Please consider coming!  

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