Thursday, June 27, 2013

10th Anniversary Gala

(This is a post I finally finished that I started several weeks ago...please forgive me for my lack of posting. Teaching school was wrapping up and has ended, online portion of my Masters has begun, a wedding week is about to take place basically at my house next week, and I have ZERO motivation to do anything but try to sit in the sun when it's not raining here. Which has been almost every day of the past 3 weeks.'s how my latest singing gig went.)

The 10th Anniversary Concert (several weeks ago...maybe 4 weeks ago?   wow...) went well, for the most part.

There were two concerts, one a friday night and one a sunday afternnoon.

Friday night was a bust, as far as I'm concerned, and sunday afternoon went much better, probably for a couple reasons.

So, friday night's breakdown: The concert itself went well, but the hall was hard to sing in...pretty much nothing came back to you when you sang, which can be a bit disconcerting. Also, for some reason, from the very first phrase, I had no breath under me. And with a piece like "Una Voce"...that only compounds on itself to get worse as the aria goes on.  I had my usual nerves, but that didn't really affect me as much as my own panic mode about my air supply situation.  Jon was there ushering, and he said it still sounded fine, although he could tell (because he knows my voice) that I was struggling at times.   I am trying to trust him and his ears, only because it felt like one of the worst performances I'd given in a while.

Sunday afternoon, as I said, went much better.  I still had a bit of an issue with the ending high note, which I've already discussed in my last post.  But overall, I was happier with the performance.  The hall (Mechanics Hall in Worcester) was beautiful and such a delight to sing in (great acoustics!), the audience was reactive and laughed at my pregnant attempts at being a funny Rosina, and I decided to really tone down my movements to extra-focus on my air - which I think worked. I got a message from a singer/director I don't know telling me what I good job he thought I did, and he sent me a picture from where he was seated that afternoon:

there I am, in all my pregnant Rosina glory.  :)
That actually kind of made my day, that someone I didn't even know would bother to contact me for encouragement.  That, and all the kind responses I got on my posted recording from so many of you...thank you.  It makes me kind of want to post some more recordings, since this is a singing blog, for the most part (or at least started out being one!)

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