Sunday, September 29, 2013


I am sitting here listening... four grown men simultaneously talk about Breaking Bad, Brady vs. Manning, penalty specifics, and the subtleties of single malt scotch. the crunching of chips from 5 peoples teeth an entire Pats game for the first time this season (the 8:30 games are the only ones I can watch without interruption - interruptions being naptime, dinnertime, bathtime, whining time, pay-attention-to meeeeeeee-mommyyyyyy! time, etc) a quiet monitor. (Ahhhhhh....)

I am sitting here seeing...

...a football game in its entirety!!

this is how we dress for Patriots games on sundays.

I am sitting here tasting...

...chex mix


seriously, right?

...sinus soother tea

I am sitting here smelling...

...not much (see sinus soother tea,above)

I am sitting here feeling... girl kicks and jabs and punches and hiccups (maybe she likes oreos...) aching back and feet and bottom of stomach (if that makes sense...big pregnant belly, people)

ok, so this isn't me.  But that is a big belly!

...simultaneously overwhelmed by all there is to do before baby arrives and calmed by the inevitability that it simply will not all get done in time so I might as well give myself a little grace.

...content to just be here, now.

Happy beginning of October, everyone!!

from last year, I believe.  I can't even believe how small he looks here...he has grown about a foot since this photo.

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