Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Isabelle

Isabelle has arrived!!

October 16....9 days before her due date. I will post more on her arrival soon, but for now...

...enjoy some pictures!!!

about an hour old...yes, all our children are blessed with gobs of dark hair from birth

taken today...almost two weeks old! the non-puffy look is much preferred.

me and my girl!

she smiles a lot

daddy is in love. she seems to like him too.  :)

She has my dimples.  :)  

We are so blessed to have her in our lives. Thanks be to God!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

This and that

Just some snippets of life lately:

1. Isaac loves to sing.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

"Jesus" songs are his favorite right now, in case you couldn't tell.

2. We told Jeremiah the name we finally settled on for our (soon to arrive!) little girl.

me: "Jeremiah, we decided that your sister's name is going to be __________!" (we'll publicly disclose later, don't worry)

Jeremiah: "Ok, but we should still call her by her full name, Olivia."

note: we are not naming her Olivia...he has been convinced this should be her name ever since we found out it was a girl. As in, naming her after Olivia the Pig from Nick Jr.

3. I am done teaching for the year. Sort of.

So...I am not going back to my public school job for the remainder of this year.  Instead, starting in January, I am going to be teaching in-home music classes for 0-5 year old children and their parents.  I've been working on a website, flyers, advertising...I have the library interested in working with me...It's a bit scary, because we really need me to still be making money, but I just didn't feel at peace being at my current job at this point.  And, oddly, I've felt a lot of peace about taking on this new venture, even though at times it threatens to overwhelm me when I think about how much pressure I'm putting on it to "need to work." But...I really think God will show us His plan and guide me through whatever He wants me to do.  And this seems to be it, for the foreseeable future...will give more information about that as I get it, I guess.  :) 

4. Jon is in the start of his second year of seminary. 

Classes are Hebrew, Interpreting the New Testament, and Christian Ethics.  It has been hard, stressful, and great for him all at the same time. Unfortunately, he still has to be working two days a week, and helping out at the church one day a week, so those things really cut into his study time.  Also...there's this new little thing going to be coming into his life in about 13 days, supposedly...and she will cut into his study time even more. It will be an interesting semester for him, to say the least.  I really want to be able to be as healthy as I can to deal with all three children well so he can keep plugging away at his classwork.

5. Jeremiah got off the bus this way on Friday.

no, he didn't go to school with an eye patch.
 5. The boys went to the Topsfield Fair today. 

Or, as Isaac called it, "the top of the fair!"
I wish I could have gone, but not sure I could have dealt with all the walking and jostling and crowds at this point.  Plus, I had something I had to do...

6. My friend, Jenn, threw me a baby "sprinkle" today!

For those who have not heard the term, it is a baby shower that is given when you are having a baby of the opposite gender of what you already have...i.e. you are just "sprinkled" with needed items, as opposed to "showered" with everything you might possibly need.  It was just lovely, with all women I love showing up to love and support me and our new little girl.  And, there was much ooing and ahhing over cute girl clothes.

7. 13 days until little sister's arrival.  Hopefully/maybe earlier?  Pray for not later.  :)