Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So, I told you all that I am going to be Despina come spring.

But, I did not tell you the crazy way it happened.

I got a role for an opera and I didn't even audition?!

I mean, I sort of did, but it was the easiest audition I've ever done.

I got an email from a good acquaintance (who also happens to be the audition coordinator) asking if I was thinking about auditioning for their staged concert version of Mozart's opera Cosi Fan Tutte.  I had been thinking about it, pretty much wanting to, but dragging my feet about contacting them because I live in a world where I am often not certain what day of the week it is because I am no longer on a work schedule and then 2 weeks go by, and I'm all like, shoot I haven't done X, Y and Z yet and then I still don't do them.  It's a non-productive atmosphere around here.

Anyway...I said I wanted to audition, but needed to update my resume so I could email it to them.  She said, don't worry about it, just bring it with you and gave me a slot.

Audition day arrives, and my ear is swollen to about 3 times its normal size and HURTS.  Not really sure what's going on, but I am worried it's an ear infection, which adults don't tend to get, and it's weirdly affecting my singing.  I decide to take this as divine intervention and email my friend that it's not going to work and I can't come and I'm sorry.

She replies that they're sorry too and hopes I feel better soon.

Later that night, I have an email asking if I could send a video clip of me singing for a video audition.  Great idea! I think.  However, I do not have a current video of me singing, and although this company does, I am not about to make my good acquaintance do the leg work of my audition for me by telling her to go find my video among their archives and show it to the panel of directors. I tell her I can try to get a video to them by the end of that week, if that was acceptable (and if my ear situation settled down).

Next morning, I have an email asking me if I would be interested in either Despina or Dorabella, just as a preliminary question - or in covering either role (:cover" means "understudy" in opera speak).  I said, yes, either one!

Later that evening, she then informed me that I video auditioned with my Una Voce from the Gala last night and would I like to accept the role of Despina?  And I just laughed and shot back a reply, YES of course!  Thank you!

It is really neat to have this company of singers to work with, who know me and know my voice, and want me in their productions!  I am very excited about this role, and am happy to still have somewhere to preform that works with my current crazy mommy schedule.  God is blessing this dream, in ways I couldn't imagine there for a long time.  :)  SO happy to still be singing.

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