Monday, January 20, 2014

Teaching at home

It's time I told you about my First Steps in Music classes, eh?

So these classes are going really well, in my opinion. They started a few weeks ago and this is the 3rd of 12 weeks for the winter session. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from people, and have felt fairly successful in getting my name out there in advertisement, at least for this maiden voyage of classes.

I have 11 students total, spread out over 4 classes. My Friday classes are definitely the biggest and busiest - I have 4 signed up in the 2 year old class, and 3 (technically 4 because one registration is twins) in the 1 year old class. It is such a joy to watch the kids' faces as their parents do bounces, wiggles, tickles, songs, and beat games with them. It's also fun to feel so supported by friends, acquaintances, and even people I never knew before this as I attempt this new business!

I hope to get some pictures soon...not sure how since I will be teaching the whole time I would be taking pictures....and I need to get permission from those in class. The kids are really super cute.

A couple interesting things I didn't expect/think about regarding this venture:

- I assumed that Isaac would love doing these classes with me since he truly loves to sing and do anything like this at any point.  I forgot that he can be quite shy and stubborn when I want him to do things with me in front of other people.  He doesn't like to participate when I'm not the one teaching, and then have me be the one that everyone is following and he is supposed to stay in my lap and cooperate willingly?  Yeah, that's not really happening.  It's a little disappointing, and I'm fighting the feeling that it reflects badly on me as a teacher of this age that my own two year old won't participate.

- Since these classes are in my house, the children sometimes want to play throughout the house instead of stay and do music class.  I have solved that, at least temporarily, with a gate that I put up to block off the class area from the rest of the house.  It seemed to work this past week, we'll see how it works as weeks go on.

- After class, parents want to stay and chat!  This is a GREAT thing...but not one that I planned on, unfortunately.  The only day that it is a little hard is Friday, because I have two classes back to back, with a half hour in-between.  Maybe the next session in spring, I will try to have more time in-between classes so we start on time and people can get in and out without feeling rushed?  Or maybe I need to set firmer boundaries...still feeling that one out.  Most of the people here on Fridays are good friends, so they feel comfortable in my house, and I feel comfortable letting them hang out as they wish, so it's not nearly as weird as it would be if I didn't know most of them well.  :)  I think if I keep doing these classes in the future, and I (hopefully) have more sign ups, I will have to find a bigger space which will take care of this problem innately, as it won't be a cozy house anymore.

- my cord for my electric keyboard is gone.  Jon took it to church this past summer and returned without the cord, and now we don't know where it is.  Very sad, especially since I REALLY want to use it with these classes.  Now I'm brushing up on guitar skills instead (which, really is not a bad thing).

So far, things are working out.  I am so thankful for the positive feedback and support from everyone, and really hope this continues to work out. Next, I'm hoping to hear from our local library to see if we can do some classes there, and maybe even have some at the Jon's seminary.  Things are moving ahead!

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