Tuesday, March 25, 2014

us, lately

What's up, buttercup?

Ok, so I never say that. But it's popped into my head a few times as I've seen random sprouts coming up during our *still* 30 degree weather we are *still* having. *Still.*

Ugh. I really really really really really dislike winter in New England. But, at least it's not winter in Canada/Greenland/Norway/Antarctica. Where it might be colder for maybe a month longer.

'Cause winter in New England is 6 months long, people!!!

So ready for Spring. And it's not coming.

And enough complaining. When has that ever changed the weather?  Thank you, Lord, for a prolonged winter, where hopefully more creepy crawly things will die and not invade our homes and sting our bodies come warmer weather.

Lately, we've not had much going on. Just a few things -

- Isaac had a random fever for two days, Jeremiah now has an ear infection, and Isabelle is still ok. We've had more sickness in the last 2 weeks than in the entire winter!

- Lyricora has been having Lenten concerts, and it is such beautiful and hard music. We had our first weekend of concerts this past weekend, and another one coming up.  It's a very taxing program to sing, but beautiful to listen to.  Maybe a little like Lent?  We're demonstrating it!  We gave up breathing during singing for Lent, and wonderfully rubato, moving musical phrases have resulted.  (Sort of kidding.)  This piece is one of my favorites that we're singing:

(not a fan of his conducting, but they do a nice job.)

- my next session of music classes is starting next week!  So far sign ups are looking good.  :) Excited to do class outside sometimes (if it ever gets above 30)!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

a trip!

I recently took a trip to middle America to see my folks and attend a conference with my mom (Hi, Mom!) and spend some time in an ice storm. I weirdly thought that maybe the southern middle part of America might be a bit warmer than the north eastern part of America in which I reside. I was deeply mistaken. I left my own state at about 7 degrees, and then left my folks state a few days later at -10 degrees.

And I almost hadn't brought a coat with me!

Anyway, Isabelle and I had a good time, even though she was a bit sick. Here are some thoughts I had while on my trip (in no particular order at all, not even the order in which I thought them):

1. I MISS MY POPCORN MAKER.  I know, you are probably wondering if I missed, oh, you know, my husband and other children.  But, no.  I miss my huge bowl of homemade, oily, buttery, salty goodness that I eat.  Almost every night. (no judging, I'm nursing.)

2. I love being free from responsibility.  There is something that is a little fun-squelching (at least, for me) about being responsible for....so many things.  I feel a weight on me as I try to remember all the sorts of things that are going to keep my children alive and the house not burned down and the bills paid. I kinda avoided responsibility as much as I could as I grew up, and then - there were kids and I kinda had to face it. So, when Jon and I are on our own, or I only have a little teensy baby to take care of for a few days...it's awesome.

3. I have zero concept of time while on a plane.  Ten minutes or 45 could have gone by, and I truly have no idea. Sometimes I feel we've just gotten on and we're getting off. Sometimes I feel there is no possible way that we aren't going to land soon, only to find out that we still have about 2 hours to go.

4. Isabelle is starting to get a little opinionated about her nighttime sleep.  Or rather, where she sleeps, and when.  This is good...but funny to me since she has been so easy-going so far that it hasn't crossed my mind until just recently to, maybe, put her down for the night on some sort of regular schedule.  My point being, I did not necessarily get any more sleep while away from home than I normally do.

5. While on vacation, I take more showers than usual.  As in, pretty much every day.  In steaming hot water, not worrying about if we'll have enough for baths and Jon's shower when he comes home after bathing in car oil all day. Again, don't judge - this is my stage of life right now. Daily showers are a huge luxury.

6. I am so glad that I was traveling with my infant and not my toddler. Those with toddlers will understand.  I was literally breathing huge prayers of thanks to the good Lord above about every half hour.  Or, I think every half hour. (see #3)

7. Flying over big cities at night looks pretty cool.  And a little trippy.

8. Forgetting one's book at home when you finally have unadulterated and guilt-free time to read is a real bummer.  I was seriously depressed about that for the first plane flight.  I am reading an amazing christian fiction series - no matter what your thoughts about christian fiction...this series has been blowing my mind.  Read it!

9. People are much more considerate than I think they are going to be in airports. I think I have a warped view of people, or I live in a somewhat inconsiderate state of the union...but everyone was very helpful - from unlocking my stroller, to putting my stuff under my seat, to holding my baby when I needed to get my water bottle to take a drink for the twentieth time on the flight.

10.  I became so incredibly thirsty while nursing and flying.  It was a bit ridiculous.  I felt like a camel.

That's all. Love to you and Happy Monday!