Friday, April 18, 2014

My two sons

jer: is 20 or a million bigger?



isaac: (pretending with a doll) hi, isabelle!

me: what else is she going to say to her?

isaac: she's going to say......."ribbit."


me: Isaac, it's time to get your pjs on.

Isaac: Can I keep my superpowers on? (proceeds to flex)

me:   .....sure, why not.


Me: Jeremiah, would you bring the barn...? What is it called?

Jeremiah: you can call it manna.


Jeremiah: you know, that's what "manna" means. "What is it"

Me....(laughing)...ok. Can you put the manna in the barn, please.


(Background: I've been singing "were you there" for the boys' lullaby at night this week.)

Isaac (singing): were you there...?  No I wasn't...!