Thursday, July 03, 2014

ramble ramble


I keep writing these little "idea" drafts of blog posts.

They are obviously not getting written...

So, here we are again, as a random stream-of conciousness...thing. post. thing.'s the scoop:

(everything boils down to the nitty-gritty with the kids, no matter how grand I start out...observe)

finished second session of First Steps of Music

got asked to do a summer session with a local playgroup business (yay!)

volunteered with VBS

kept the house running (such as it is...) while Jon did a crazy intensive preaching course

started my own crazy intensive Western music course

should be reading/typing/researching more but pbbbbbt on that I have 3 kids!

happy Easter picture - first one with all the family
and I am convinced I also have about that many brain cells

so very overtired, but GOD never sleeps, thank goodness.

had my parents here for a few weeks, that was nice

actually wonderful

so good in fact that I felt like I went on vacation and kept forgetting appointments and things like paying bills because I did not have to wash any dishes while my mom was here...

it was amazing to come back from dropping my mom off at the airport and stand at the sink and realize I had not stood at the sink for about 2 weeks...

Jeremiah is on summer vacation and keeps singing "SUMMAHH!!!" in his best Olaf voice, which then makes me and then all of us (except my eye rolling husband) break into our best rendition of, um, all the Frozen songs

while boys are wearing various masks

which there have to be constant reminders to not bring to the dinner table

or put on their sister
is that who I think it is?
It's quite entertaining to hear Lord Vader singing "my power flurries through the air into the ground!"

my house is sadly, very dirty again

I think I may be a rather poor housekeeper, in the cleaning sense of the word...

and I have no desire to cook because it's hot and humid and I forget that the bliss of summer comes with the apathy of not wanting to cook because who wants to stick their face in a 350 degree oven on a 94 degree beach day?

"Pizza again!" (cheers from the minions - then, "can we have cheese because that other kind you and dad got last time was gross")

...(mom muttering to herself)...quiet, ungrateful child. you eat what you're told. 

...Ok, fine, we'll get cheese.

no this is not cheese pizza, it's scrambled eggs and ketchup.
so much of our lives is made up with thinking about, making, and discussing food.