Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So, Jeremiah has been talking more and more about Minecraft.

As he is rapidly growing into a big kid, I am unaware of what new things are out there for the new generation to be interested in doing. New clothes. New toys. New video games (do they still call them that?). All the newness. Ugh.

So, I naively kept thinking that it was the cute game that my generation used to play, which I think was called Minesweeper?

remember this?  Oh, the hours wasted before Facebook...

No no. This is so far from that. This is Minecraft.

Riding rollercoasters, and building your own community, and the biggest sandpile ever.

On a screen. Next to nobody with you.

Sometimes I just want to scream with all the focus on screens. What is this generation going to become? How can I get them to still be creative?!

I feel like I spend at least a third of my day (and at least half of my time with Jeremiah) saying, "nope, we are done with screentime," or "Screentime is over for the day," or "you need to try something besides looking at a screen." And all of this in a family where they only are typically allowed 30 minutes of screen time a day! The way they ask about it, you would think I allow it all the time.

Now, I did my fair share of Nintendo and TV and movies growing up.  But this is a different animal. Handheld personal devices are everywhere. I find my 3 year old trying to turn a page in a book by swiping his finger across it. Everywhere you go, if someone has to wait somewhere - anywhere...it could be an amusement park! - they immediately pull their phone out and interact with that world instead of the one around them. Heaven forbid we look around and talk to people around us.

I am a little old-fartish about this...but I sincerely think it is going to harm society greatly if we do not figure out how to control the addiction to personal technology. I thank God at least weekly that I went to high school, college, and had my early years of marriage without the infringement of everyone being connected on a social network and checking their phones every 5 minutes. It amazes me how quickly this has become normal to do.

Ok, roll your eyes at me now. And no, I am not letting Jeremiah play Minecraft. I am going to pull every trick I can for as long as I can to get him to not play real video games for a while yet. At least that's the plan.  And I'm starting to realize how plans go when you are parenting...(sigh).  

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