Friday, October 24, 2014

All about that bass

Check this out:

Love her voice, she's an amazing bass player, and the style is right up my alley now. I do not love the lyrics...but there are few pop songs right now that I DO like the lyrics to, which means a few things, I think:

1. I am getting older and more sensitive to terrible lyrics.
2. I am getting older and more apt to cover my childrens' ears or sing very loudly over the terrible aforementioned lyrics.
3. I am getting older and more apt to complain about the songs on the radio glorifying lust and sexual freedom and selfish gain, etc, etc.

So, the overall theme here is I am getting older and do not like today's music. But, I am a hypocrite in the highest form, because when you put today's terrible lyrics to a past generation's musical stylings...I love it and think it's cute and sassy instead of in your face and raunchy.

So, there I be. Ridicule and judge, but ask yourself - do you do this too? Maybe you love classic rock and can't stand jazz. Maybe you love jazz but hate hip hop. Maybe you love anything emo and nothing electronic. Maybe you listen for the words, maybe you only hear the notes and rhythms.

Each generation has it's own music and judges the next generation's terrible taste. It's safe to say that I have always loved music styles from the past, but I definitely used to tolerate pop music better than I do now. Which, I think, means that the next generation is grating on me. I am becoming a crankpot old lady who will roll her eyes at my rapidly growing son's taste in music and try to make sure jazz or motown or classical is played during dinner for at least 10 minutes so they get a well-rounded radio education. :)

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