Friday, November 14, 2014

I do other things!

It's so much easier to post about the family, most times. I don't have to analyze too least at this stage...just enjoy the strange, wonderful thing it is to have little people in the house.

But, I am doing other things besides mothering. I am still teaching, just not in a public school setting. And it is going fairly well. I am still singing, just not frequently, and it is going fairly well. I don't post about those nearly as often as I think about them or do them. It's just harder to make coherent sense out of them when I get a chance to sit down and reflect.
some cutie patoots from my 2 year old First Steps in Music class last year

So, teaching. I am teaching my First Steps in Music classes for the littles and it is pretty fun this session! Not that it wasn't the last couple sessions, but I am enjoying this batch of mothers and children very much. Many of them are from my church or the seminary, which makes for a deeper immediate camaraderie. I don't get much time to fellowship with others at church right now (being at church with a child Isabelle's age is no picnic - it's no naptime = ugh), so it is hugely encouraging to me to be able to talk with some dynamite women every week and feel like I'm still part of our church community. I mostly have a bunch of 2-5 year olds, which is a switch from my last couple sessions of mostly younger kiddos - and I definitely enjoy the older kids' class more. It is very similar to how I teach a young elementary class - so it is very comfortable for me.
an example of the activities we do in my First Steps in Music 2-5 year old classes

The only squidgy part this fall is I am doing my FBE (Field Based Experience) for my Masters of Music Education program using First Steps in Music as the Experience a.k.a practicum. It is easy enough, it just takes a long time to be analyzing and writing out everything. It has been encouraging to be observed and affirmed in what I am doing though. I am very ready to not have this Masters hanging over me!
from this past spring's Cosi fan Tutte

I also have been singing, albeit not as much as I would like. I am teaching privately more this year than I have been - I have 5 students so far this year, with a potential 6th starting up next week. This has actually ended up being the meat and potatoes of the income I am bringing in. It's just strange to me, because I haven't advertised for private teaching much at all in the past few years, and this year I have people asking me left and right if I am willing to teach. It has been a rewarding experience this year too, instead of the dread and agony I tend to feel after private lessons in the past. I find it much easier to relate to a class of people than during a one-on-one time. There is one woman I am teaching voice to who has been especially fun - she and I learn similarly and therefore speak the same language, making the imagery click and teachability factor go through the roof. She is sounding really great lately, and I am so excited for her, and excited for me that I am helping her in some way. She is also someone that I have considered asking to be a sort of mentor for me...she is gracious and funny, is about 5 years ahead of me in parenting years, but is about 15 years older than me.  We get along very well, and she has such a strong sense of God throughout our life here on earth, which is hugely encouraging to me. I hope I will be able to actually spend some good time with her over the next few years.
because, really...who doesn't want to spend more time with this weirdo?
(that's me, by the way...)

So, teaching singing is different than performance singing. I just don't know how to fit that in. I am singing for occasional (paid!) gigs, either through my church or friends who need someone to fill in.  And I love those types of things since I can't commit to a weekly rehearsal right now. And it is really hard to go anywhere at night right now because Isabelle is so mommy-dependent. I just keep telling myself that it is a season of life, and things will get easier and maybe someday I might be able to go to the grocery store after 7pm or even on a date with my husband...but let's not get too crazy. :)  This is why I stayed home - to take care of the littles and be available. And, by the grace of God, I am!
Izzy, when she was about 8 months old -
she was handed a lightsaber and didn't know what to do...
So, I do other things besides just mothering. I just don't blog about them often. Someday I will do posts that aren't updates...more thoughtful ones. Have a good day all!  

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