Thursday, March 05, 2015


I have been slowly transitioning our way of eating the last few years - into a more or less whole food or real food diet. We're not fanatic about it (, especially with CHIPS. Who can not eat CHIPS!?) and there are fairly regular deviations from that way of eating. But for the most part, we don't eat a lot of processed stuff, I make a whole lot of things now that I never really knew that I'd want to make. I thought I would chronicle the changes here, since I realized the other day that I use this blog as a bit of a memory keeper, since my memory is pretty terrible.

*Disclaimer* (or *note* or *something...*) - THIS IS NOT TO JUDGE YOU OR MAKE YOU FEEL BAD OR MAKE ME LOOK GOOD OR ANYTHING AT ALL IT IS SIMPLY FOR ME TO REMEMBER BECAUSE IT HAVE A TERRIBLE MEMORY. This list has been years in the making. One day I won't remember all the things I decided were important to do when the haze that living with three young kids is lifts. 

So, I have been, for about half a year now, making a few things that I used to buy:

- plain yogurt (in my crockpot)
- bone broth
- sourdough bread (and sourdough pizza crust and sourdough pancakes)
- homemade granola
- cloth wipes (to go with our cloth diapers)
- cleaning supplies (disinfecting wipes and sprays)
- hot chocolate
- salad dressings
- laundry detergent
- nuts (ok, not physically growing them, but soaking and roasting them)
- herbs (again...growing them, not making them)
- toothpaste
- essential oil medicinal remedies (like homemade vapor rub)
- playdoh

I find I like the challenge of running out of something and trying to either make do without it, or make it myself so I don't need to get it at the store. There have been colossal fails (um, like the time I tried to make apple cider vinegar and instead was breeding disgusting maggoty fruit flies...<shudder>)  But, the above successes are a viable part of our lives now. And our grocery bill has gone down because I can make these things instead of buy them.

Who knows where we'll be in a few years. I don't think I'll be the type to want to grow my own barley to grind my own flour to make my own sourdough bread. But I never thought I'd care enough to make my own yogurt either. Life changes you...and you should never say never.

I'm not opposed to occasionally buying things, either, FYI. I just like to save money.  That is literally, most of my motivation.

Over and out. :)

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